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Fontinalis was founded in 2009 to invest in and drive innovation across Next-Generation Mobility.

Fontinalis works closely with management teams to build longstanding equity value in companies providing society with the Next-Generation Mobility solutions of tomorrow.

Companies around the globe are currently developing technologies that are disrupting and improving mobility. Fontinalis is uniquely dedicated to investing in and supporting the best and the brightest of these companies. Entrepreneurs and companies always have specific needs and require strategic resources to efficiently penetrate their markets. Fontinalis was founded to provide exactly these types of resources within Next-Generation Mobility on a global scale.


The Fontinalis Partners team has invested in companies across the Next-Generation Mobility sector and offers a collective expertise in entrepreneurship, product management, domestic and cross-border expansion, government relations and the capital markets. Our Partners are well-known within the transportation, finance and communications industries and have worked on domestic and international projects in countless countries around the world. We bring considerable experience in structuring transactions, conducting strategic due diligence and developing game-changing corporate strategies – all critical elements for growing successful companies.

Focused and determined

We are focused on the trends driving success in Next-Generation Mobility:

Expanding populations, increasing urbanization, the penetration of personal vehicles into emerging markets, aging infrastructure, and budgetary challenges for governments have created a need and desire for better solutions

Innovation within the transportation sector is accelerating at an increasingly rapid pace

Currently this market is highly fragmented (creating numerous investment opportunities) but showing signs of consolidation amongst major players (creating a market for attractive exits)

Increasing smartphone penetration, big leaps forward in big data processing capabilities, and escalating consumer demand for mobile solutions are accelerating growth in this sector

These trends shape our investment thesis and are creating some of the most promising venture opportunities in the market today.

Each of us at Fontinalis Partners has a personal as well as professional stake in the success of every company in our portfolio. Our investment team is continuously and actively engaged in sourcing and diligencing new target opportunities. For more information about our process, please contact us.



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