Quick Facts:

> The “sensor data revolution” means millions of sensors working in real time, with data sampled every second.

> SQLstream is the first to deliver agile products for real-time, multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems.

> Data growth is out-stripping Moore’s law and is growing much faster than the available storage space.

> SQLstream pioneered the standards-based SQL architecture for real-time stream computing ‘on the wire’.


SQLstream Inc. is the first standards-based stream computing platform to enable companies to exploit and monetize their real-time service and sensor data.

SQLstream enables businesses to drive new revenue opportunities by harnessing the full power of their real-time service and sensor data, and to analyze and respond to streaming data on the fly without first storing. This eliminates any delay from when the data arrive to when new answers stream out, allowing services to react and adapt immediately, based on continuous, complex analysis. SQLstream is at the forefront of this real-time stream computing market, using a standards-based architecture for the rapid analysis of high volume, real-time data, and delivering truly innovative, lower cost solutions.

Inexpensive wireless sensors are transforming many industries, including transportation, energy and manufacturing by generating huge volumes of data that can be analyzed and turned into useful information in real-time. SQLstream is the first company to identify the potential for real-time stream computing as the foundation of an integrated, multimodal transportation management system, which can deliver real-time answers from massive volumes of sensor data to transportation agencies around the world. SQLstream enables innovative solutions, for example dynamic speed controls and congestion management, at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches.

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