our story

We are passionate about technology improving mobility. We look for that same passion and drive in the companies and people we partner with.

We enjoy being a strategic partner and take this role very seriously. Working alongside management we look for ways to be helpful and add value.


Fontinalis is distinct from other venture capital firms because we only invest in technology companies with an ability to significantly improve mobility. We look at the Next-Generation Mobility sector holistically and have an interest in all companies that are enhancing efficiency, convenience, cost, and sustainability across the mobility landscape. We look at the potential of a technology to have an impact from the perspective of scalability, solving for inherent customer needs, and producing strong returns on investment. Within mobility, technology companies today are solving for massive consumer, corporate and governmental needs and are thereby producing attractive investment characteristics. Opportunities for investment in Next-Generation Mobility originate from well-funded areas of innovation in consumer and enterprise technology; some well known examples include SaaS, big data, and mobile. Fontinalis exclusively invests in and devotes its strategic resources to this attractive mobility landscape.


The Fontinalis diligence process is systematic, thorough and efficient. We understand the importance of timely funding and work to meet management’s needs. Our investment timeline depends upon the availability of information and the complexity of the underlying business.

Our approach

The Fontinalis process is highly collaborative. We work with management to conduct in-depth reviews of a portfolio company’s positioning. Based on this analysis, we draw on our experience, resources and relationships to help portfolio companies grow and expand into new markets.

The Fontinalis network runs deep. In addition to our ties in the transportation, finance and communications industries, we maintain close relationships with individuals throughout the government, banking and private equity sector and with leading experts from a broad range of industries and academic disciplines. Each Fontinalis transaction is designed to support the interests of all parties and create a strong working partnership between Fontinalis and the company’s senior management.

What we look for

We base our partnerships on absolute integrity, trust, respect and excellence.

With a record of accomplishment in the Next-Generation Mobility sector and a desire to continue improving mobility across the globe, we want to work with innovative companies that are performance-driven, exceptionally focused and positioned to succeed.



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