RightHook Announces New Product RightWorldHIL

SAN JOSE, California — July 11, 2017 – RightHook, the leading developer of self-driving vehicle simulation technologies, today announced the launch of its second product: RightWorldHIL, a complete end-to-end testing solution for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) hardware.

RightWorldHIL leverages the advanced environmental semantic data used to power the company’s first autonomous vehicle testing product, RightWorldHD. But its rich scenario tool offers developers and integration engineers the new and unique ability to execute thousands of component and integration tests in hours.

“The challenge with testing ADAS is it represents a mix of hardware and software and, until now, there was no way to easily integrate testing into existing toolchains,” says RightHook CEO Warren Ahner. “When it comes to automotive hardware, the industry generally tests by going on the Mother of All Road Trips (we actually call it MOART). While this seems like a fun adventure the first time, it’s time-consuming and rarely covers the complete test matrix. To get around this, other industries such as aviation leverage simulations to test both hardware and software against a standardized scenario matrix controlled by the FAA. We’re bringing this level of granularity to testing automotive hardware as well.”

Increasingly automotive artificial intelligence companies are testing vehicles on public roads without proper oversight. These ‘Shadow Miles’ endanger the general public without uncovering the edge cases that companies are trying to identify through real-world testing. RightHook launched RightWorldHIL to provide a reliable and resource-efficient alternative that has a greater probability of surfacing addressable issues.

“Righthook is addressing the one of significant but often overlooked challenges in autonomous vehicle development. We’ve been impressed by the founding team and product development, and expect that they will have a leading role in the emerging ecosystem around autonomous vehicles.” Says Avidan Ross, founding partner at Root VC.

This new product announcement comes on the heels of funding from some of the world’s top investors. The $2M seed round was led by First Round Capital, with premier hardware fund Root VC, leading mobility fund Fontinalis Partners and global funds Silver Lake Capital and Tencent participating as well.

RightHook’s team, including Ahner, will be at this week’s Autonomous Vehicle Symposium at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco from July 11 to 13, and invites interested parties to stop by their booth #204.

About RightHook
RightHook is the first software developer specializing in simulation software for autonomous vehicles. More information is available at www.righthook.io