Our Story

We founded Fontinalis in 2009 to invest in and drive innovation across next-generation mobility.


The Fontinalis founding team’s decades of experience in leadership roles across transportation, media, technology, and financial services has provided it a unique optic to observe (and in many cases, lead) global changes occurring in mobility. In 2009, at the culmination of a year-long review and analysis of the next-gen mobility space, the founding team finalized a thesis that became the foundation from which Fontinalis launched in 2009 as the first institutional investment firm specifically formed to invest in this opportunity.

The core tenets of Fontinalis’ thesis include:

  • Macro trends are driving demand – Expanding populations, increasing urbanization, growing congestion, aging infrastructure, and budgetary challenges for governments have created a need and desire for better solutions. Consumers, enterprises and governments are demanding more efficient and effective systemic mobility solutions.
  • Mobile & big data are catalyzing growth – Increasing smartphone penetration, big leaps forward in big data processing capabilities and organizational intelligence, and escalating consumer demand for mobile solutions are accelerating growth in this sector.
  • Proven technology can be scaled globally – The next-gen mobility opportunity extends beyond North America; while cultures may differ, the best solutions are deployable around the world.
  • A strategic approach enhances value creation – Innovative companies can scale more rapidly by aligning with a partner who knows the space and has a deep and actionable network.


The Fontinalis team has been thoughtfully comprised of professionals with the experience and expertise required to identify high-growth opportunities and build successful companies. Fontinalis professionals have collectively managed Fortune 500 companies; structured and facilitated numerous types of financial transactions; and invested in, built, scaled, and monetized global organizations in transportation, telecommunications, and media. Furthermore, our dynamic, multi-generational team has worked together in various leadership capacities, some for more than 30 years, through both positive and negative business cycles.


As a sector-focused investment firm, Fontinalis only invests in next-generation mobility opportunities. This intense sector focus ensures that Fontinalis remains a global thought leader in next-gen mobility and that its portfolio companies have access to Fontinalis’ considerable resources across this sector.

Each of us at Fontinalis has a personal, as well as professional, stake in the success of every company in our portfolio. Our investment team is continuously and actively engaged in sourcing and diligencing new target opportunities. For more information about our process, please contact us.

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