Focused On Next-Generation Mobility

Fontinalis is distinct from other venture capital firms because we only invest in technology companies with an ability to significantly improve mobility.  We look at the next-generation mobility sector holistically and have an interest in all companies that are enhancing efficiency and convenience, reducing costs, and improving sustainability.  A few of the many such areas within mobility where we have an interest include:

Additionally, Fontinalis is not limited to investing in mobility solutions pertaining to a single mode of transportation.  Fontinalis seeks to invest throughout the entire next-generation mobility ecosystem on an intermodal basis across road, rail, air, maritime, bike, etc.

Application Centered

Opportunities in next-generation mobility originate from well-funded areas of innovation in consumer and enterprise technology; some well-known examples include software-as-a-service (SaaS), big data, mobile, and cloud-based solutions.  Fontinalis invests in and devotes its strategic resources to directing these proven technologies into new applications in mobility.

Active and Strategic

We conduct in-depth reviews of a portfolio company’s internal and external positioning.  Based on this analysis, we draw on our experience, resources, and relationships to help portfolio companies scale and expand into targeted markets.  While we have a broad pool of industry knowledge and experiences to draw upon on behalf of our portfolio companies, we concentrate our efforts on the following:

The Fontinalis network runs deep.  In addition to our ties in the mobility, finance, and communications industries, we maintain close relationships with individuals throughout the government, banking, and private equity sector and with leading experts from a broad range of industries and academic disciplines.


Fontinalis is an independent strategic investor, and we pride ourselves on being able to leverage relationships across the entire mobility ecosystem to support our portfolio companies.  Entrepreneurs find that Fontinalis’ independence means that we are flexible, responsive, and have well-aligned interests.


The Fontinalis process is highly collaborative and we seek to be a true partner.  In addition to working closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies, we pride ourselves on working alongside other like-minded investors and we have participated in syndicates with many of the top institutional investors globally.


Markets globally are challenged by the current state of their mobility systems, and we feel strongly that the best solutions in this market are those that can be scaled globally.  We work alongside the management teams at our portfolio companies to identify these opportunities to open up new markets.


At Fontinalis, we take a stage-agnostic approach to investing and will seek out and invest in companies ranging from seed stage to pre-IPO.  This approach means that Fontinalis is flexible enough to invest amounts ranging from $100,000-500,000 for seed investments to amounts exceeding $10 million for select later-stage opportunities, with an average investment over the life of a company typically ranging from $5-8 million.  Given Fontinalis’ application-centered approach, we find that most companies meet our investment criteria during their Series A through C financing rounds, but we frequently find cases where an investment earlier or later is warranted.

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